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Mushroom Powered Stories: How Mushrooms Fuel These Athletes For Peak Performance

As an athlete, your body is your machine.

You work it hard- but you know that you also need to maintain it to keep it in top shape. No time for injuries and sickness that will force you off the road or the field.

You have a PR to hit and a championship to win!


I want to show you the types of mushrooms top-performing athletes are using to fuel themselves, whether it’s crushing a workout, beating the field, or staying healthy the whole season.

Cordyceps: Start Fast and Finish Strong

“There is no other mushroom mix on the market that delivers for all performance levels — sport, work, personal life — than FreshCap does!” – Jordan W.

Mushroom-powered runner Jordan wanted something that would help him boost his performance in all areas of his life: sports, work, and his personal life. Recently, he won the kickoff season at an XTERRA Pedernales 10k trail race. He credits his THRIVE 6 for helping him start fast and finish strong.


THRIVE 6 is our blend of 6 essential mushroom extracts and among others, it contains cordyceps — a mushroom that has been known to increase your body’s ability to absorb and store oxygen. Cordyceps  also helps your body produce more adenosine triphosphate (ATP) — the basic energy block your body needs to move.

Since cordyceps works best when it’s taken regularly and helps you have more stamina, it’s  excellent pre-workout fuel.

Reishi: Sleep Better and Recover Faster

Mushroom-powered athlete Domi had only been trying mushroom extracts for about 2-3 weeks when he found that his body was recovering faster and better than usual.

He says, “I can train more frequently than I could prior to taking this product. I also have reduced my coffee to half of what it was in the past week and feel fine.”

Reishi has been known by some culture as the “mushroom of immortality” and it’s one of the 6 extracts in our THRIVE 6 blend. Reishi helps reduce stress and anxiety, helping you put your monkey brain on pause so you can get a good night’s sleep. And better sleep means better recovery and less soreness in the morning after a hard workout.


Since reishi works best when taken regularly, Domi takes 1 scoop of THRIVE 6 in his breakfast shake and another pre-workout.  He also plans to take Lion’s Mane for his guitar practice and cordyceps for workouts.

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Turkey Tail: Get Healthy and Stay Healthy

You can only train and compete if you’re healthy.

Training when you’re sick results in poor performance at best and a longer-term injury at worst.This is where turkey tail comes in. Turkey tail contains prebiotics that cleanse your digestive system.

This helps your body absorb all the nutrients and make the most of the nutritious food you eat. When you have your cheat meal, turkey tail’s prebiotics help clean out the doughnuts and pizza from your gut so you can get back on track the next day.


Chaga: Balance Your Energy Levels

Known as the “king of medicinal mushrooms”, chaga is known to have anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and antioxidant properties. Because of this, chaga is great post-workout to calm your immune system down when it’s most susceptible to getting sick.

Chaga also helps decrease the inflammation in your joints and muscles from a hard workout so you can get back on the road, the bike, or the gym the next day.


THRIVE 6 user, Joey, has even tested out his athletic performance with and without THRIVE 6, which has chaga.

“I have trained while on and off this product, and my workouts while on this product had greater intensity and stamina. For example, when I am not taking this product I cannot complete my workout routine due to exhaustion and feeling sick. However, when I am taking a this I am able to complete the routine with energy to spare.”

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Lion’s Mane: Focus Better, Faster, and Longer

Lion’s mane induces your body’s production of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF). NGF helps protect and produce brain cells. Because of NGF, lion’s mane helps you break through brain fog, focus better, and think more clearly.

ELECTRIC Lion’s Mane user, Abhiraj, adds some lion’s mane in his yerba mate tea right before he sets off for a hike or starts a handstand session. He says:

“I feel clear headed and focused during any chosen activity.”


Another lion’s mane user, Korina, uses THRIVE 6 to feel more energized and focused and ELECTRIC Lion’s Mane to stay quick on her feet. She says:

“As a rock climber I’m really conscious of what I put in my body, and as a person with a love for biochemistry, I’m really interested to know the mechanisms of my body and what fuel I can provide it for peak efficiency. I’m thankful to Fresh Cap Mushrooms for enriching my body and mind.”


Get Mushroom Powered!

“You guys really have amazing products… I haven’t felt this healthy in my adult life. Exercising a ton and dropping lots of weight (in a healthy way!). Thanks for your outstanding dedication to quality!” – Amanda B.

Whether you want to improve your physical or your mental game, there’s a mushroom extract that can help you achieve your goals:

  • Use cordyceps to get more oxygen pumping throughout your body before a race, a game, or a workout.
  • Have some turkey tail and chaga to keep you healthy to train and compete throughout cold, flu, and allergy season.
  • Mix some lion’s mane into your favorite drink when you’re done with practice and it’s time for work or class.

Of course, our THRIVE 6 blend has all 4 of these mushrooms, including reishi (helps with relaxation and sleep) and maitake (regulates blood sugar), albeit in less-concentrated doses than our standalone packs.

If you’re ready to get started on your mushroom powered journey, take our “What Mushroom Is Right For Me?” quiz and get your results in your inbox!

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“MAN! I love this product! I’ve been talking about THRIVE to all of my friends for the last 3 months. Took it before my workout at the gym and noticed a huge improvement in my lifting. I’m also a lot more focus when it comes to my reading. YES, YES YES. THRIVE FOR LIFE!” – Daryl

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