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How Mushrooms Are Grown: Infographic

Mystified by the mushroom growing process? I have previously written a broad outline about how mushrooms are grown, but wanted to put together a visual representation of the general process. Mushroom cultivation is quite different from most produce, and can often cause a little confusion for people just starting out. Check out this infographic below to see, in a general sense, the process of growing mushrooms.
How mushrooms are grown infographic.


Obviously, there is a lot more to growing mushrooms then this. Each process has its own process and so on. For some people, this just adds to the fun of growing mushrooms. There is endless opportunities for tweaking processes and improving. Who know’s, maybe you’ll come up with the next great mushroom growing technique!

Really interested in growing mushrooms

If you really want to learn about growing mushrooms, check out these fine books by Paul Stamets, the king of the mushroom cultivation world:

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