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AKA Caterpillar fungus

Known as the “energy mushroom” Cordyceps militaris is used by both athletes and weekend warriors for boundless energy, next-level endurance, and a bulletproof immune system*.


Cordyceps has been used for more than 300 years as a remedy for treating kidney ailments, chronic fatigue, and low libido*. Traditionally, this amazing fungus was only made available by the wild harvesting of Cordyceps sinensis, a species that grows naturally on caterpillars high in the Tibetan plateau. This oddly specific wild version became increasingly rare, and prices eventually skyrocketed to more than $20,000 USD per pound! Luckily, another species known as Cordyceps militaris was discovered to be just as powerful – the main difference being that it doesn’t need to grow on insects, and can be cultivated organically on rice and soy. Which kinda just seems all-round better to us.


Don’t worry, Cordyceps won’t turn you into an insect zombie. In fact, it has unique and powerful compounds that might just do the opposite – from promoting energy and endurance to supporting immune system health, these stalky little mushrooms pack a whole lotta punch*.

The evidence for cordyceps

Cordyceps contains powerful bio-active compounds. One of these compounds, called Cordycepin, has been studied for its anti-inflammatory, immunomodulating, and antiviral properties*. [1

Cultivated Cordyceps militaris has been found to contain up to 90 times more cordycepin than wild harvested Cordyceps sinensis*. 

Cordyceps militaris fruiting body also contains high levels of immune supporting beta-glucans (up to 25%)*. This is vastly higher than supplements made from the mycelium of Cordyceps sinensis grown on grain, which could be as low as 1%.

There are hundreds of different species of Cordyceps. Most are parasitic and do actually grow on bugs. In nature, Cordyceps spores will infect an insect, take over its body and mind, kill it, and eventually sprout a mushroom through its head. 

Creepy right? 

Luckily, Cordyceps militaris has all the firepower of it’s zombie-making relatives, without the need to parasitize an insect. The whole fruiting body can be grown organically and sustainably on a bed of rice and soy. 

True Cordyceps militaris supplements are entirely vegan and insect free. 

Cordyceps has traditionally been used to combat fatigue*.  

In 2015, a randomized double blind study found that Cordyceps improved aerobic activity, exercise metabolism and endurance performance in healthy, mid age to elderly sedentary humans*. [2

Another study on rodents found that supplementing with Cordyceps militaris for 2 weeks increased the amount of time they could swim before exhaustion when compared to the control group*. [3]

Cordyceps has also traditionally been used for sexual health in males, even being given the cheeky moniker “Cordysex”*. 

Animal studies have shown Cordyceps supplementation helped improve reproductive activity* [4, 5]. Other studies on mice have shown Cordyceps to stimulate testosterone production*. [6]

Cordyceps contains nucleosides like Cordycepin, which may be able to inhibit viral replication*. [7]  Further, polysaccharides in Cordyceps can help to bolster the immune response to viral infections*. Together, these two qualities of Cordyceps make it an excellent candidate as a natural anti-viral*.


Looking for the benefits of Cordyceps? You deserve the best. That’s why we craft our products from whole, organic Cordyceps militaris, thoroughly extracted to make the beneficial compounds available to you.

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