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7 Surprising Benefits Of Beetroot Powder

You know beets well: you see them in your salad at every pizza shop and diner. Maybe your memories of beets aren’t quite so fond and it brings back painful childhood memories of borderline force-feeding.

What you might not realize is that the modest beet is a powerful superfood chock full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and special substances from its pigment to support health across the entire body.

Don’t like beets? No problem.

Beetroot powder is a highly concentrated form that includes all the same bonuses. Let’s take a look at beetroot powder benefits, side effects, and other important info so you can decide if it’s the right choice to add to your diet.

What Is Beetroot Powder?

Beets are a root vegetable – they’re very similar to turnips. When you eat beet slices in your salad, you’re eating pickled or boiled beets.
Although they don’t come up in conversations nearly as often as trendy health foods like kale, beets are actually chock full of vitamins and nutrients.

  • Protein
  • Fiber
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B6
  • Folate
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Manganese
  • Iron

It doesn’t end there. The root vegetables also contain nitrates and pigment which provide so many of the amazing beetroot powder benefits. You probably already know about “bad” nitrates from foods like heavily processed meats. Nitrates from plant sources, however, contain antioxidants so they turn into helpful nitric oxide which protects the heart.

An average serving of beets contains anywhere from 3% to 16% of your recommended daily intake of the nutrients above. However, beetroot powder contains higher concentrations of all these incredible substances.

Just one teaspoon of your average beetroot powder is the equivalent of an entire beet. You can add beetroot powder to smoothies, baked goods, soups, and other recipes to provide nutrients and a subtle sweet flavor.


7 Surprising Beetroot Powder Benefits

Beetroot powder benefits mirror that of beets since it’s just the root vegetable in a highly concentrated powdered form.

1. Could Lower Your Blood Pressure

Over 75 million Americans have high blood pressure. (1) This puts them at risk for a wide range of serious health conditions including heart attack and stroke. Several studies show that the nitrates in beets can actually help lower blood pressure because the nitric acid they create in the body helps dilate blood vessels. (2)

Other studies found that consuming beets had the greatest effect on systolic blood pressure and continued to keep numbers low for six hours. (3) Since beets only appear to lower blood pressure temporarily, it’s important to make them a staple in your daily diet.

2. It Boosts Brain Power

It’s no secret that our brains start to deteriorate with age but have you ever wondered why? Reduced blood circulation and oxygen play a big role in age-related memory loss and degenerative conditions like dementia.
That’s why foods like beetroot powder are ideal for supporting proper brain health. The nitrates in beetroot powder stimulate blood vessels in the brain and support healthy blood and oxygen supplies.

In particular, beets stimulate blood flow in the brain’s frontal lobe which is the area responsible for sharp decision making. (4)

3. Improves Athletic Performance

Athletes love beets because they’re such a tasty source of nitrates. Just like nitrates stimulate healthy blood flow to the brain, they also encourage blood flow throughout other areas of the body including the respiratory system and muscles. Nitrates also support the cell’s energy source, mitochondria.

If you’re interested in using beets to improve your fitness routine, treat them like a pre-workout supplement. Studies show that the athletic benefits from the nitrates in beets tend to last between two and four hours. (5)

4. They Fight Inflammation

Chronic inflammation can lead to a vast array of conditions and symptoms across your body including acne, weight gain, infections, digestive issues, constant fatigue, and whole-body pain.

One of the major beetroot powder benefits is that it helps fight inflammation thanks to its brilliant pink hue. Yep, the pigment in beetroot, betalain, can fight inflammation throughout the body. Studies have shown substances in beets to reduce pain associated with chronic inflammatory conditions like osteoarthritis. (6)

5. Supports Liver Health

Your liver is responsible for some 500 different functions in your body. In a nutshell, it helps remove toxins to keep your body healthy. The betalain in beets serves as a powerful tool to help your liver detoxify itself so it can function more efficiently.

Not only that, but betalain also encourages healthy bile production and flow throughout the small intestine to keep your liver functioning at optimal levels. The folate and iron give your liver a little extra support, too.

6. Encourage Weight Loss

Take a look at the list in the first section and you’ll see that beets are a nutrient-dense food. You get a hefty dose of vitamin C, potassium, nitrates, and countless other minerals with minimal calories and fat. This is especially beneficial if you’re trying to lose weight.

When it comes to beetroot powder, the benefits are multiplied because you get more nutrients in a highly concentrated form. Remember that just one teaspoon of beetroot powder contains the equivalent of one full beetroot.

7. Can Help Erectile Dysfunction

Yes, we’re going to talk about blood flow again. The nitrates and nitric oxide in beetroot powder support healthy blood flow and oxygen to all parts of the body, which can be helpful for E.D.

Beetroot Powder Dosage

Two to five teaspoons per day is an excellent amount to include in your daily routine but if you’re new to beets, in general, you can start with a lower dosage of one teaspoon. You could take half of your daily dosage in a sweet morning smoothie before an intense workout and take your second half during dinner.

Beetroot powder is easy to include in your diet because the flavor isn’t overpowering and it gives foods a slightly sweet taste. Here are just a few ideas for boosting your diet with beetroot powder benefits.

  • Smoothies
  • Pancakes
  • Muffins
  • Hummus
  • Soups
  • Salad dressing
  • Yogurt dips
  • Chocolate cake

Side Effects of Beetroot Powder

Great news: beetroot powder is a very safe item to add to your diet because it’s just, well, powdered beets. The substances found in beets are safe in normal food quantities and also likely safe in higher medicinal quantities as well.

It is, however, important to stay within the five-gram-per-day limit. Consuming too many nitrates found in beets can lead to kidney stones if you’re predisposed to that. Also, if you’re at risk for kidney disease, it’s probably a good idea to avoid consuming concentrated beetroot powder.

Here’s some more good news: the substances in beetroot powder have no known interactions with other medications.

Although beets are safe to eat during pregnancy, don’t consume more beetroot powder than you would typically eat as a food item. Larger amounts have not been studied for safety in pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Beetroot Powder Vs. Beetroot Juice

When it comes to beetroot juice vs. beetroot powder benefits, you can still get the same nutrients and nitrates from both choices. However, beetroot powder comes with a few added benefits that might make it a better choice for health enthusiasts.

Beetroot powder is lower in sugar. There’s still some sugar in powder, but much less than you’d consume in juice form.

In beetroot powder, overall calories would also be lower than the juice. This makes the powder form a great choice for anyone trying to lose weight or stay within a calorie range.

Nutrients may be compromised in juice form. Heating during the pasteurization process might mean that you don’t get all the beneficial nutrients once the juice reaches your glass.

Beetroot powder is easier to consume. Sure, you can drink a glass of juice but could you do that every day? The powder form is much more versatile so it’s easier to incorporate into your diet – especially for anyone who isn’t especially fond of beets.

Should I Just Add More Red Beets to My Diet?

Yes, you could eat more beets… but could you stand eating beets in a salad multiple times each week – or day?

Beetroot powder is simple because you can add it to different dishes as you go about your day between breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Plus, beetroot powder is highly concentrated so you can consume much less than you would if you were eating regular beets.


The Bottom Line

Beets are an overlooked superfood that don’t get nearly enough credit. Not only do beets pack a powerful punch of nutrients, but they also contain unique substances like nitrate and betalain from their pigment to offer a wide range of unique bonuses.

The beetroot powder benefits are pretty much identical to that of regular beets but you don’t have to consume ten beets a day to reap the rewards: just add a few scoops of powder to your smoothie and you’re good to go. This makes beetroot powder a safe and effective item to add to your daily routine.

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Isaac Israel
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