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Collagen Coffee: Make The Most of Your Mornings

Collagen? In coffee?

Yes, absolutely.

Many people don’t realize that collagen is important for supporting many bodily functions and staving off negative signs of aging (and not just wrinkles).

Here’s why you should give collagen coffee a shot and other substances you can use to boost your morning cup of coffee.

Why not make your coffee work harder for you?


Why Bother Putting Collagen Powder in Your Coffee?

Did you know that collagen is the most abundant protein in the entire body?

It’s true. Every cell in your body needs collagen to function. Every cell from your biceps to your toes needs collagen.

Sadly, with age, your body struggles to produce enough collagen on its own to make up for the collagen peptides lost.

You’ll notice the effects as your skin loses its elasticity and wrinkles start to appear.

Since up to 10% of your muscle mass is collagen, you’ll also notice your muscles may start to shrink. (1)

As a protein, collagen contains eight out of the nine essential amino acids for protein synthesis.

No, it’s not a complete protein. You can, however, include collagen protein with another protein for proper muscle growth.

Collagen powder is a natural addition to your espresso or coffee because it’s completely flavorless.

Not only that, but collagen peptides are generally keto-friendly and naturally gluten-free.

Unfortunately, collagen protein cannot be vegan because collagen is extracted from animal tissue. However, you can find kosher and halal options made from marine collagen and beef.

As always, organic is best. Make sure to choose your collagen powder from a reputable brand that tests for contaminants and quality.


What are the Health Benefits of Collagen Peptides?

Collagen is an important part of your diet but unbelievably, most foods don’t contain collagen.

Instead, you can only get collagen from animal connective tissue. Since most people don’t really want to eat connective tissue, they go for collagen powder which not only dissolves in hot water but is completely flavorless.

Here’s why you should add collagen to your diet.


Supporting Muscle Mass Growth


Studies show that collagen peptides helped frail men improve muscle mass. (2)

Did you know that your muscles deteriorate up to 5% every ten years after you turn 30?

Resistance training, weightlifting, and supplementing collagen in your diet can make an enormous difference.


Youthful Skin

If you’ve ever seen a skin commercial, you already know that collagen is the “glue” that holds every cell in your body together and creates youthful elasticity.

Applying collagen to your skin can only get you so far.

Instead, include collagen in your diet.

Studies show that women who consumed collagen on a regular basis noticed a dramatic reduction in wrinkles. It really works! (3)


Reducing Inflammation and Joint Pain

Forget glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health.

Instead, reach for collagen powder.

Unlike glucosamine and chondroitin, studies show that collagen is important for supporting connective tissue and cartilage function. (4)


Heart Health


Remember that every cell in your body needs collagen — including your heart cells.

Studies show that collagen can prevent arteries in your heart from hardening and preventing heart disease. (5)


5 Other Ways to Boost Your Morning Cup of Coffee

Collagen powder isn’t the only pick-me-up you can include in your morning cup.

Whether your goal is weight loss, anti-aging, or general overall health, these supplements below are awesome add-ins for any cup.


1. MCT Oil

Anyone on the keto diet has no doubt heard about the benefits of MCT oil.

Whether or not you’re on a low-carb diet, everyone can take advantage of MCT oil in their morning cup.

Studies show that medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) can support weight loss by suppressing appetite.

Not only that, but MCT is also great for supporting brain health by defending against degenerative diseases. (6)


2. Coconut Oil


If you don’t want to shell out the money for keto-branded MCT oil, you can still reap the benefits of MCT from coconut oil.

Not only is coconut oil packed with MCTs, but it’s also a vegan-friendly option for making bulletproof coffee because it has a high-fat content.

As an added bonus, coconut oil can also help reduce cholesterol and support your fat-burning potential.


3. Grassfed Butter

If you’re not a strict vegan, grassfed butter is a delicious option to make your morning coffee a little more filling.

Do you add creamer to your coffee? If so, you’re already consuming plenty of fat in your morning cup.

Why not make the switch to a healthier fat from grass-fed butter? Plus, it tastes great.


4. Medicinal Mushrooms

People who take medicinal mushrooms every day love adding the extracts to their morning coffee.

Some mushroom extracts can taste bitter so coffee or espresso are excellent solutions.

What are the benefits of medicinal mushrooms? Well, it depends on the mushroom.

Lion’s mane mushroom is great as a nootropic and stimulating brain nerve growth.

Cordyceps is a favorite among athletes because it boosts ATP energy production and oxygen uptake — both of which are beneficial for exercise.

Meanwhile, reishi is an excellent choice for anti-anxiety and promoting a calm feeling throughout the day.

You can also combine mushroom extracts in your morning cup of coffee for a multifaceted boost on every level!


5. Coconut Milk

Coconut milk (canned, not from the carton) is a great vegan creamer substitute.

Just like coconut oil, coconut milk is jam-packed with MCT oil so it’s perfect for supporting weight loss, brain health, and a balanced appetite. (7)

Fat has had a bad rap for the past few decades thanks mostly to propaganda from the sugar industry.

However, diets high in healthy fats (like coconut milk) are actually beneficial for avoiding heart disease and high cholesterol — not causing it.


The Bottom Line

It’s important to supplement your collagen peptides as you age because your body struggles to produce them on its own.

Collagen powder is a natural add-in for your morning cup of coffee because it’s flavorless and dissolves in hot water.

Don’t stop with collagen coffee though: include plenty of other healthy mix-ins like medicinal mushrooms and coconut oil.

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