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Don’t “Ditch Your Coffee” For Mushrooms

Have you seen all the “Ditch Your Coffee Ads” recently?

So have I-

And apparently many others, including @mycosteph:

I couldn’t agree more Stephanie!

I did actually give up coffee for three looooong months last year. It was beneficial at first, but really, all it did was give me more respect for coffee and just how fantastic it can be for focus, energy and overall happiness.

The bottom line: Mushrooms are awesome. Coffee is also awesome.

They can be mutually exclusive.

To be honest, most of the time I actually enjoy my coffee with nothing in it.

No milk. No sugar. No nothing. Just pure, delicious, black coffee.

The beauty of pure mushroom powders, however, is that you can add them to coffee with ease.

FreshCap powders are already extracted for the benefits, so you don’t need to add them to add them to hot coffee.

We’ve already done the hot water extraction for you.

But that also means that you can add them to coffee without worrying about losing the benefits.

All this is to say, you don’t need to “ditch your coffee” to get the benefits of nature’s most powerful superfood.

Just add a scoop of mushrooms whenever you’re feeling the fungi.

Which Mushrooms Should You Add?

Cordyceps is the “energy mushroom”, and while the caffeine in coffee has you covered in the short term, Cordyceps can work over the long term to help support energy and endurance. Plus, it is the only “true adaptogen” in the mushroom kingdom.

Keep in mind, Cordyceps has a reasonably strong flavour that you’ll definitely taste in your coffee. Some people love it, while others prefer it in a smoothie or something else that helps mask the taste.

Reishi is typically used for sleep and relaxation, so you might think it doesn’t make sense to add it to your coffee. But that isn’t Reishi’s only super power. It is also used for allergy support, brain support and heart health. Interestingly, Reishi is the one mushroom that has a longer history of use than coffee.

The first use of Reishi is referenced in literature almost 2000 years ago, which coffee’s first recorded use is in the 15th century.

Lion’s Mane is known as the “brainiac”. It’s a powerful nootropic used for focus, memory support and mood. Coffee already does a lot of the heavy lifting for those benefits, but adding a scoop of Lion’s Mane takes it to the next level.

If you’re looking for a mushroom to support your immune system, Turkey Tail is your best bet.

It has a mild “earthy” flavour that blends well with coffee. And with 35% beta-glucan percentage you might just feel unstoppable throughout the day.

Chaga As A Coffee Replacement

If there is one mushroom that is a “coffee alternative” it would be Chaga.

It can be brewed in a similar manner as coffee by grinding up and simmering for hot water, although it needs a lot more time to extract the benefits. The result is a drink that’s warm, dark, packed with benefits, and actually tastes pretty good. The only problem?

It’s not coffee.

Chaga doesn’t contain caffeine, so it won’t have the acute benefits that you can get from a cup of joe. A much better option is to add Chaga *to* coffee. It’s the best of both worlds.

Not A Coffee Drinker?

If you don’t like coffee, you can still get the benefits of mushrooms using pure and powerful mushroom extract capsules.

It’s the exact same product as the powders, just loaded into convenient easy to use capsules.

The mushrooms are already thoroughly extracted- so no need for further processing. Just knock em back with a glass of water and enjoy the benefits.

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