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Mushroom Extract VS. Mushroom Powder: What’s The Difference?

Mushroom-lingo can get a little confusing….

And if you are new to mushroom supplements, it can be hard to know what’s best!

But if you are looking to get the most benefit from nature’s most powerful superfood, it is important to know the difference between an extraction and a simple powder.

What is mushroom extract?

The compounds that give mushrooms superpowers (beta-glucans, triterpenes etc.) are “locked up” inside the tough cell walls of the mushroom fruiting body.

Our stomachs weren’t designed to be able to break these down.

In other words, if you were to just eat the mushrooms whole, the ‘shroomy goodness would just pass right through!

Extraction is a process that breaks down the cell walls of the mushroom using either hot water, alcohol, or both depending on the mushroom.

Doing this extra step “extracts” the beneficial compounds, and makes them available for your body to use.

What is mushroom powder?

Mushroom powder is simply mushrooms that have been dried and ground down into a fine powder.

With no extraction process, your body will have a hard time making use of the beneficial compounds inside.

Mushroom supplements that do not perform extractions are short-circuiting the process and will not provide you with the most benefit.

Alcohol Extraction VS. Water Extraction

Different mushroom compounds require different solvents for extractions.

For example, beta-glucans are water soluble, so require hot water extraction to be made bio-available.

Triterpenes however are alcohol soluble, meaning they require an alcohol extraction to be made bioavailable.

Some mushroom types have beta-glucans as the primary active ingredient, meaning water-only extraction is preferred.

Other types are high in triterpenes and beta-glucans, so they benefit most from performing dual extractions (alcohol and water together).

Our Promise To You

FreshCap’s mushrooms are thoroughly extracted and analytically tested to ensure you’re getting the most benefit out of your mushroom supplement.

We use either water extraction or dual extraction (depending on the mushroom type) and print the level of active compounds right on the label.

It’s a difference you can feel, guaranteed!

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