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Thrive 6 Is Now “Ultimate Mushroom Complex”

We have BIG news (kinda…)

Our most-loved mushroom blend, Thrive 6, is getting a fresh new look, and a cool new name:

Ultimate Mushroom Complex


It feels like a huge deal to me (Thrive 6 was our FIRST product!), but really it’s not:

  • Exact same powerful mushroom blend inside
  • Exact same levels of active compounds and benefits
  • New look and feel on the outside

It’s kind of like that feeling when you get a new pair of shoes, or a new haircut.


Why the name change?

Thrive 6 needed a face lift, something that really highlights the power of this blend.

It’s a big change after so many years-

But it feels so right!

This 6 mushroom super-mix has always been the “Ultimate” way to get your daily dose of mushroom power:

  •  Reishi for vitality and stress support
  • Lion’s Mane for focus and cognitive support
  • Chaga for antioxidant power
  • Cordyceps for energy and endurance
  • Turkey Tail and Maitake for ultimate immune defense

The capsule version is the first to get the new look, and the powder will be rolling out in the next few months.

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